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Intrepid Theatre gratefully acknowledges the individuals, organizations, and governments contributing to the successful opening of the Metro Studio in 2005/2006. You are the steam in our machine.

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The Royal & McPherson

Theatre Society

Langham Court Theatre / Victoria Theatre Guild
Collins Electric, Qualicum Beach
Event Service Production
Rayola Graphic Design
Victoria Conservatory of Music
Monday Magazine

Rock Paper Scissors Comedy Creations Jawl & Bundon Barristers and Solicitors Giggling Iguana Productions Pacific Geotech
Canadian College of Performing Arts
Covent Garden
Paul Terry Contracting Inc.

CFUV 101.9 Agency Research Consultants
A.A. Armstrong
Michael & Anne Tyler
Ginger Weise
Quentin Lake

Atomique Productions
A Home for Mr. Floatie
Dr. Jonathan M. Adams
Big Sandwich Productions
Ross & Mary Desprez
Garcia / Meredith
Piper Gordon
Eric Grace
Bill Hamar & Stephen White
Hernando’s Hideaway
Bess Jillings
Lydia & Don Kasianchuk
Warren Magnusson & Sharon Wall
Judith McDowell
Fredi McComb
Valerie & Harold McNabb
Robert Milne
Rock-It Science Productions
In Tribute to Randy Smith
Victoria Play Station
Carolyn & David Whitfield
The Wilcox Family
Georgie & Jeremy Wilson
Jennifer Wise & Ross Crockford

Donald McLeod Law Corporation Open Space Donald McLeod Family Law Mediation
190 Overlook Terrace
Jessica Alford
Rose Andersen
Trent Arterberry
Michael & Margaret Asch
Andrew Bailey
Lynne Bain
Jean Baskin, in memory of Len Baskin
Theatre BOMBUS
Martha Cohen-Roe
Maureen Colgan
Alain Comeau
Delancey Station
Robert Florida
Michael Gaudet & Patricia O’Brien
Grand Central Saanich
Sheri & Taro Gurney
Victoria Hinch
Hozack Way
Islington – for Ron Fitch
Loraleigh Jantzen
Claire & Tom Kane
Nancy Keehr & Jim Haskins
Joyce Kline & Peter Such
DD Kugler
Marcus Handman and Gwendolyn Maroon
Trainor Vocational Consulting Corp
Love Nest
Micheal and Christine Bloomfield
Bonnie Light
Amanda Lisman
Charlotte & George Logan
Erik Lythgoe
On The Lam Productions
Doug Ozeroff
Bruce & Nikk MacKenzie
Lila MacKenzie
Hannah Main-van der Kamp
Mornington Crescent
Robert Moyes
Maxine & Bud Munsil
Valentine Pilate
Randoo Station
Juliana Saxton
Sandra & Paul Scrimger
M Shier
Howie Siegel
The Sisson Station
James & Virginia Smallfry
Cathy & Crom Sparling
Rose Stanton
The Superior Cafe
Roy Surette
RC & Judith Terry
Three Schooner Productions
Village 900 Radio
Waiting For Godot
Charlotte and George Logan
June and Michael Delamont

Ongoing In-Kind Donors

Rayola Design The Victoria Conservatory of Music
Monday Magazine

Subway Tile - $20

~ A lovely stop on the Fringe Express – Carole & Robert 2006 – www.praguefringe.com ~
Lorraine Adamson
In memory of Doug Andrew
Betty Andersen
Jonathan Argue
Trent Arterberry
Ashley Augustus
Robert W. Ball
Shoshana Berman / Katherine Paul
In memory of Carol Berrgman
Janet Besler
Denise Brown
Sue Brown
Patti Buchanan
Calvin Cairns
Lucy Cairns
Lise Carlsen
Patti Caruso
Emily Case
Hannah Case
Ian Case
Adrian Chamberlain
Antoinette Church
Kate Cino  X 2
Robbie Clarke
Renee Colonello
Cowling Family
Caitlin Croteau
Cam Culham
June Delamont
Michael Delamont
Lucia & Victor Dolhai
Gail Duguid
Ken & Denise Dunn
Mark Dusseault
Currie Ellis
Mac Elrod
Anna Escher
Exit Theatre of San Francisco
Alysha Felling
Iona Felling
Major Conrad Flapps
June Gaylord
~ Genus Theatre Company loves The Metro – Frank N, Kelly S, Frano M, Jordan B, Ashley M, Duran C, Katie N ~
Yanik Giroux  X 2
Lynda Grant
Carole Griffin
Fiona Griffiths  X 2
Anita Groening
Bo Groening
Heather Gropp
Paige Harrison
Terry Hartrick
May S. Hayes
Isabel Heaman
Victoria Hinch
Gayle Hozack
Hjalte Family
Yvonne Fried
Sherri Hohert
Sarah Hutchison
LillAnne Jackson & Claudio Costi
Paula Jardine
Charles Joerin
Moreka Jolar
Susie Jones
David Jordan & Bethan Stewart
Ava Kasianchuk
Chris Kasianchuk
Darcy Kasianchuk
Griffin Kasianchuk
Peter Kasianchuk
Peter Krummeck – “Bonhoeffer”
John Krich
DD Kugler
Mik Kuhlman
Jo Ledingham
Bill & Grace Lund
Phil Lyons & Sam Lyons
Lee & Carol MacKenzie
Tara C MacLeod
Fernand Magnin
Mainline Theatre of Montreal
Sandy Mayzell
Fredi McComb
Donald McLeod
Judith McDowell
Susan Moger
Anne Moon
Pip & John Moore
Shelagh & Vic Murray
Dana & Matt
Maxine Munsil
Pajama Men
Penny & Chris
Penny Pattison
Michele Philp
Monica Prendergast
Patricia O’Brien
~ Bronwyn Preece, Paddy O’Rourke, Similkameen O’Rourke ~
Lillian Rabb
Trish Richards
Brian Richmond & Thea Gill
Amy Robertson
Shelley Rose
Kate Rubin
Arlene S.
Saucy Fops Theatre Company
Nicole Shim
Dr. Ruth Simkin
Arlene Skerrrett
Wendy Slavica
Colleen Slocombe
Judy L. Smith
Marne St. Claire
Ethan Stack
Steve The Foreigner
Mrs. Matthew Stone
Celine Stubel
Ruth & Gary Suter
Jen Swan
Smallfry Enterprises
Ann Tanner
Margaret N. Taylor
Judith & Reg Terry
Susan Thomas
Rob Thompson
To the future of humanity!
Jo Vipond
Waiting On You Productions
Sue Ward
David and Carolyn Whitfield
Patricia & Derek Whitmore
Esther Wiebe
Allan Wilcox
Jen Wilcox
Donna Williams
Georgie & Jeremy Wilson
Rob Wipond
Glenn Wollersheim
Anonymous  X 4